What’s Involved in Playground Sanitization

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If you work with children, then you know how quickly illness can spread through the group. Young kids haven’t yet mastered the skill of personal hygiene, and their immune systems aren’t as effective at fighting off germs. Because of this, if you run a school, daycare, or other childcare facility, an important part of keeping your students safe and healthy is to keep the playground clean and sanitized. Our team at O & S Cleaning offers expert playground sanitization services for that purpose, and in this article, we will go over the steps we take to protect the kids at your facility.

What’s Involved in Playground Sanitization

The first step in our playground sanitization process is to get the play equipment clean, which in the custodial industry means using soap and water to remove dirt and other contaminants from a surface. We will thoroughly wipe down all the play equipment with a cleaning solution, including the undersides and other hard-to-reach areas—kids are known for climbing on playgrounds in ways that were never intended by the designers, so we make sure to clean everywhere they could possibly have touched.

Once the play structures are physically clean, we will go over them again with specialized sanitizing solutions to significantly reduce the number of germs on the surfaces. In the main playground sanitization process, we will be just as thorough and get into every nook and cranny in order to keep the children who use the play equipment as safe from germs and disease as we can.

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